has updated the + iOS app, adding one of its key mobile features , which was previously only available to Android users. Instant Upload, once enabled, automatically sends all photos taken from the + app to a private + album. It also works for photos taken in other apps for a brief period after the + app is closed.

Since they’re already uploaded, that makes sharing them via Google+ practically instantaneous. The update also adds the “What’s Hot” stream, which highlights popular posts from around Google+, already available on the mobile Web version .

There’s also a funky feature that lets users send feedback to Google+ by shaking the phone . Sponsor We called Instant Upload Google+’s killer feature because of how much easier it makes photo sharing.

’s own iCloud instant upload feature has a 1,000 photo limit, but this allows unlimited uploads to Picasa albums. It was a secret weapon for Android before, but now iOS users get the benefit as well.

The photos are uploaded to a private album, so only you can see them until you decide to share to Google+. The advantage is that you don’t have to wait for the photo to upload when you share; it just changes the status from private to shared. You can download Google+ for iOS from the App Store .

d3ebff9a66con150.png Google+ For iPhone Gets Instant Photo Uploads

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Google+ For iPhone Gets Instant Photo Uploads