E.ON Innovation are launching five exciting challenges linked to the Channel 4 series ‘Home of the Future with E.ON’ and are inviting everyone to join a nationwide online community to help generate fresh innovative ideas and help the UK save .
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Using the power of the crowd, the E.ON Innovation project will feature five challenges (that will coincide with the episodes of the Channel 4 Show) to find the next generation energy products and services.
Over the coming weeks 5 different challenges will be launched, based on the themes of rest, work, play, food and wellbeing.
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Taking part is quick and easy and there are three ways in which you can get involved:

Submit ideas: If you have an idea, big or small, see it transformed into a reality and get rewarded for it too.
Comment: Help others develop their ideas by commenting on their submissions and co-creating to develop even better ideas.
Vote: Have your say on which ideas you like the most and which ones you think should be delivered with E.ON.

Rewards for the best ideas include a home energy makeover worth up to £10,000 and the winners ideas will be developed by E.ON with the intention of starting to make them a reality in 2012.

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I’ve got a couple of neat ideas that I will submit and would encourage you to do the same. Getting involved couldnt be easier. You can get involved by following E.ON on Twitter (@talkingenergy) and looking out for the hashtag #eoninnov.

The winning ideas will be announced by 25th June 2012.

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