Promise.TV has launched the world’s first Promiscuous TV recorder! Working on the UK’s Freeview platform, it records every programme on every TV and radio channel and stores them for a whole week.

This was originally commissioned as an internal BBC project, and the Ludlams and their partners have been productizing it ever since.

It really does what it says on the tin: records the whole Freeview multiplex for a week at a time, which means that you don’t have to program your PVR with the shows you like: you always have the last week’s TV on tap.

The folks have worked out several ingenious ways of navigating all this stored material as well. I’ve written about this before , and I’m awfully glad to see it finally come to market.

The Promise Home is a recorder that connects four additional televisions in other rooms around the home. All connected TVs can play any of the stored or saved programmes independently, and in they can also share bookmarks. This lets you start watching a programme in one room, set a bookmark and carry on watching from the same point in another room.

00ebb183c6ts 380.png a PVR that records EVERYTHING on TV for a whole week

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