has confirmed that it is having an event in March, where it will unveil a new product – it’s all set to be the 3 . After much rumour and speculation, Apple has sent out invites to US press sites, confirming 7 March as the 3 launch date, explaining in the invite that it has “something you really have to see. And touch.”

Apple likes to make its mark when it comes to confirming events where its latest products are revealed – and sending out invites slap bang in the middle of MWC 2012 is a bit of a slap in the face to all the manufacturers attending Mobile World Congress this year.

And then there’s the little fact that it appeared when ’s keynote was on. Saucer of milk…

Apple iPad 3 specs

So, what can we expect from the iPad 3? Well, delving into our iPad 3 rumours: what you need to know piece – you should really check it out – we should be set for an updated Apple A6 processor (obviously quad-core), better screen and some sort of surprise when it comes to software.

We would never look at Apple’s rhetoric and analyse it, but the invite does contain the words ‘touch’ and ‘see’ but nothing about the other senses – so we reckon a tablet encompassing smello-vision is out of the question, unfortunately.

The iPad 3 launch event is taking place in San Francisco on 7 March, and while this doesn’t give much of an indication on an Apple iPad 3 UK release date, we are pegging it for the mid to the end of the month. Apple usually likes UK people to wait at least a fortnight after announcing a new piece of hardware.

Let the countdown commence.

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