It dismays me to report that + is adding animal masks to + Hangouts. Now, instead of just having conversations like normal people, you can pretend to be cats or ! Isn’t that cute and fun?

No. Why are you doing this to yourself, Google? Why did you add a LOLcat generator to the main stream? We didn’t need that. And now you’re messing with Hangouts, the best thing you’ve got going , by adding corny special effects?

I’m all for having fun with your features, but you shouldn’t be publicizing this. Sponsor Google+ is down in the polls right now, and people are kicking it . It’s sad, really, because the community that is active there seems to love it. Even I, who once hated Google+ , have found things to love . Specifically, I started using Hangouts.

Google+ has used Hangouts for amazing purposes. It enabled the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu to meet together despite political obstacles. It enabled scientists at the biggest physics experiment in the world to take people from around the world on a tour. President Obama held a Hangout that put cable television to shame.

And now it’s going down the road of original programming by hosting high-profile debates . Yes, it has been used for silly celebrities, too. I don’t know which ones, because I’ve ignored those. I’ve wanted to believe that Hangouts are a world-changing tool. But Google, you make it so difficult sometimes .

Cat faces? Really?

ab9a0f49f8utcat1.jpg 450x248 Google+ Makes Itself Look Silly with Hangout Cat Masks

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Google+ Makes Itself Look Silly with Hangout Cat Masks