The new has arrived and with it a new-generation of games and a bold statement that the new has a better screen resolution and more memory than both the 360 and the PS3. The new iPad has some great tech beneath its chassis. It comes equipped with a Retina display (2048 x 1536 pixels) and a A5X processor on board – which is calling ‘twice as fast’ as Tegra 3, and offers four time the graphics performance of Nvidia’s chip.

Because of this, Apple is boasting that it beats the consoles when it comes to gaming. Game revealed The new iPad game launch line-up is impressive. At the keynote, Tim Cook announced two games which take advantage of the bolstered specs. These are: Infinity Blade: Dungeons (where you have to create the ultimate weapon), Sky Gamblers (a flight sim, where you can eject by shaking the new iPad). The demos do seem to show off consol-quality gaming and there’s a hint that many more games will be announced soon – that and many already out are being optimised for the new iPad. The new iPad UK release date is 16 March with pre-orders beginning today.

03acf950b0mf.gif New iPad better than Xbox 360 and PS3

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New iPad ‘better than Xbox 360 and PS3′