There’s now a real deal available, called the 60beat.

Via Cult of Mac comes something for those of us who would like certain and games a lot more if we could only, you know, control them properly…

Doesn’t look half bad; I’ve certainly seen worse Dual Shock wannabes. And using the audio jack as the control port is kind of ingenious! Though that also means you won’t be able to play games and listen to audio via headphones either. Oh well.

Though the real issue is how, at the moment, only two games support the device. And you just saw them, and no, they aren’t anything special. Basically, game makers will need to get their hands on the appropriate software to add such functionality into their titles, either right off the back or via updates.

So will Rockstar give these little guys the time of day by adding 60beat drivers into their iOS port of Grand Theft Auto 3 ? Unless the controller sells an ass load, I doubt it. Plus, much time is put towards creating those virtual buttons, and I can see a few not wanting to concede that actual buttons are indeed better.

But you never know. Though also, at $50? That’s another issue right there.

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