: We’ve shared countless ways to clean up ’ context menu , but you can actually add some pretty neat stuff too. Free app Right Click Tweaker adds up to 14 useful features with just a few clicks of your mouse. Right Click Tweaker doesn’t require much explanation. Just start up the portable app, check the boxes next to the functions you want to add. and press Apply Tweaks. You’ll see those options in ’ right-click menu from there on out. The menu items it can add range from handy to really useful functions, including: Copy To Folder Move To Folder Open in Notepad Administrator Command Prompt Encrypt Create File List Print File List Search and Replace Copy Content To Clipboard God Mode Steps Recorder Take Ownership System Configuration Utility Control Panel Right Click Tweaker is a free download for only.

2be7d8ae10medium.jpg Right Click Tweaker Adds Move To, Encrypt, and Lots of Other Useful Features to Windows' Right Click Menu

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Right Click Tweaker Adds “Move To”, “Encrypt”, and Lots of Other Useful Features to Windows' Right-Click Menu [Context Menu]