Today we got an excellent application that unfollows twitter profiles that are inactive for certain period of time. Say for example : If you want to unfollow profiles that are inactive for more than 30 days, then you can use this twitter app to find profiles and unfollow them using single click.

Untweeps is a simple twitter application that allows users to know which is inactive in our account. You can allow this application to authorize your twitter profile, then it shows all the inactive accounts based on the last tweet date they have updated.

You can separate accounts based on the time period such as number of days. After logging in, enter the number of days in the past you want to check. If you enter 30, then anyone who hasn’t updated their Twitter status (tweeted) in the past 30 days will be shown on a list. The users in the list that have a check mark in the checkbox are the ones you want to unfollow.

Suppose, if you’r following large number of people and the unfollow list is too large to check all the people one by one, you can use Check all plugin for or firefox to check them all in once and use the “ Unfollow Selected Tweeps” button at the bottom of the page.

The app also has whitelist options, where you can add people who are inactive in the whitelist but not to unfollow them. You can also check the people you have blocked using the options Blocked Tweeps inside the app.

9c8857d1b7eeps 1.png 450x296 Find Inactive Twitter Accounts and UnFollow them

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Find Inactive Twitter Accounts and UnFollow them