A horse is a horse, of course of course, unless it’s a race horse. Then it will be better dressed than you, my friends. Here’s champion sprinter Hay List walking around Australia’s Flemington Racecourse in a full horse body suit: That is what the AU$900 (US$948) garment looks like, although it is in fact made of a revolutionary moisture-management fabric.

It is the latest and most unusual piece of cutting-edge technology designed to assist the thoroughbred’s recovery from races and strenuous training gallops. Hay List has had his share of injury problems over the years, so trainer John McNair thought it was worth a try. “It is basically like a compression suit,” McNair said.

“You see a lot of cyclists, footballers and other sports people use them. They are designed to aid recovery, help with muscle fatigue. “We have been using them on Hay List for a couple of weeks now and it makes a huge difference.” Not to mention stylishly chic!

f8935b3acdy suit.jpg 450x251 Race Horse Body Suit

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