There are so many instant search extensions for to access the easily. Although by default the chrome bookmark manager is easy to use, but it can search the and the links you have saved only based on the title of the page, but other third party chrome bookmark extensions does the job pretty well with some extra features.

With the latest version of chrome, you can search for bookmarks from the Omnibox (address bar of chrome) and extensions like Lite bookmarks, spring pad, xmarks that allows you to sync and also search for the stored bookmarks effectively.

So today we have got a new kid on the block ‘Stashmarks’. Stashmarks a great extension that lets you add bookmarks and find all the links stored in your browser easily. It helps us to search, save and preview the chrome bookmarks easily.

Once you’ve installed the extension, just sign up with Stashmarks for free. Then, it uploads all your bookmarks from chrome browser to your account and keeps in sync automatically for future bookmarks. It runs in background and sync all your bookmarks and organizes them in a pretty way.

So, now your bookmarks are transfered to stashmarks, but hey ! you can save bookmarks the default way, hitting the Ctrl+D or favoriting the star. When you have bookmarked in chrome, it gets sync to stashmarks. All you bookmark folders are kept the same way as tags.

So In your Stashmarks account, you can find tags that bookmarks are saved. All the tags are your bookmark folders. Stashmarks does a realtime page indexing. Once you’ve bookmarked, it sync with stashmarks account and the page indexing algorithm is so different from other apps. It indexes the web pages that you’ve bookmarked and adds correct tags and also you can search for pages you might not remember the title for.

For example : If you type ‘workout’ then all the pages that deals with workout, gym, exercise will be displayed. As told already, the seamless integration. It gets sync the time when you bookmark the page on Chrome. You can find the bookmarked link on Stashmarks.

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3 Reasons to Love Stashmarks Chrome Bookmark Manager