How to make your browser faster ? Sometimes if you’re using too many tabs, the browser lags and if your internet connection is slow, lot of uncleared browser cache and few other things make your browsing horrible.

So, dealing with the first point, if you’re a person who opens up too many tabs in your , then obviously it eats lot of memory resources. This extension called TabMemFree that allows tab addicts to save memory resources to use the current tab faster with out any lag.

What does the TabMemFree extension do ?

It unloads inactive tabs so they don’t take up CPU and memory resources. You can easily load back the tabs when you need them. Just install the extension, a small icon appears on the address bar. Just click to unload the tabs, and when you click back the unloaded tabs loaded back !

The settings of TabMemFree has two options. Time out and Tick. The timeout option lets you to set the time interval to allow TabMemfree to make the tab inactive. If you set the time to 5 mins, the TabMemFree waits before it forwards a tab to a blank page. The tick option, once set the time it checks for the inactive tabs in that set time interval.

Once you’re done with the settings, You can click the TabMemFree icon on the top address bar. If the tabmemfree is on, you could see a three arrow rounding the tabmemfree icon. If it is off, then it doesn’t appear. It is inspired by BarTab add-on for Firefox.


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Speed up Chrome browser with TabMemFree