The folks at RoosterTeeth have created Bum Bait, which was originally crafted in : Reach , though it should work in most FPSs. It’s a way to score easy kills thanks to brainless behavior that many gamers succumb to. Because sometimes, the more gullible the prey, the more satisfying the kill.

Simply get a buddy of yours to just stand there and act as bait, while you wait in some corner nearby. When someone tries to act all sneaky and snuff your pal, just hit them when they’re least expecting it…

Now, the thing is, I’m too smart for such tricks. Actually, I’m so bad at the game that instead of trying to be all sneaky and go for an up close and personal hit… which I would invariably screw up… I’m the type to just shoot, even if the victim is from afar and has his back facing me. Hey, whatever works!

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