Text is not private. We all know this, for reasons ranging from Weiner scandals to just the fact that people will snoop through your phone as a joke sometimes if you leave it lying around. The is, text is also convenient. What to do?

Use Black SMS, an app that makes your texts unreadable to everybody but the person you want to read them.

It’s a pretty simple process. First, you choose a password. Secondly, you type out the message you want to send in Black SMS’s text box. Tap the lock icon, and it gives you a black bubble to paste into iMessage’s text box. Send that to your friend, who will also need Black SMS. They paste it into the app, enter the password, and it decrypts it for you.

The best part of this is the trail it leaves; namely, none. All snoops will see are black chat bubbles.

It’s got its flaws: technically you’re sending an MMS message, which may not be unlimited on your phone’s plan, and you’ll have to switch between Black SMS and iMessage manually. On the other hand, it costs a buck and it uses AES , which means unless your girlfriend works for the CIA, or can guess your password, it’ll be unreadable.

ef1f5b36a885x214.jpg Black SMS encrypts your text messages

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Black SMS encrypts your text messages