The new 8 consumer preview edition doesn’t have a start menu button like in 7, but if you need you can enable start menu text menu button in 8, but you don’t get the nice GUI icon buttons. So, how to get back the old start menu button 7 style for 8. The askvg article helps us to get back the 8 start menu orb with a small free utility called ViStart.

Vistart is a simple free utility that allows you to add a new start menu button in Windows 8. This isn’t a new tool, its been for long time used on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Now with the consumer preview edition of Windows 8, it works flawlessly.

When you download and install Vistart, make sure you uncheck all the toolbar addons that comes with the installation. Uncheck them and install only Vistart alone. Don’t panic, these toolbar addons are not malware viruses, they are just annoying.

So, once you’ve installed, you might see the Windows 7 style start menu button in your Windows 8 CP. But, the start menu button overlaps with the internet explorer icon. There is a fix for this. Fix this by adding a new blank toolbar in Taskbar

All you need to do to fix the overlap issue is – create a folder in any of the drive, go to taskbar, right click and select add new toolbar. Select the folder which you created and add it to the taskbar item.

So the new taskbar toolbar item which you created will be added to the system tray on the right side. Now unlock the taskbar and move drag and drop the taskbar toolbar near the start menu button. You can follow up the full tutorial here with screenshots.

The Vistart works flawlessly in Windows 8, helping you to get back the old start menu button in Windows 8. Download Vistart (direct exe download link)

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