Most people use the as their day-to-day computer, but that comes with a set of problems, the most basic being that the is not exactly fun to, say, type a lengthy email on. The solution is to get a keyboard, although that means you’ll be lugging around an accessory when the idea was to simplify.

Fortunately, Logitech has a solution. Well, sort of: they have a cover that not only protects your iPad, but has a Bluetooth keyboard built right into it. It’s actually fairly ingenious in design. The keyboard isn’t going to win any awards for ergonomics, but it’s an product, you should be used to Chiclet keyboards by now.

It’s built right into the cover, which is very thin, and designed to trigger a stand-by mode when you close it. There’s even a built-in stand to essentially turn the iPad into a laptop when you need it to be one. The price is pretty good too: $100, about what you’d pay for a good cover and a good Bluetooth keyboard.

The only downside is battery life: the batteries will last six months, but that’s based on two hours a day of usage, so road warriors may want to stock up.

d7bbe1aaa152x214.jpg Logitech iPad Keyboard Cover: Two problems, one solution

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Logitech iPad Keyboard Cover: Two problems, one solution