As Drive ramps up to clobber the rest of the storage services in the world, or so Google hopes, we’ve got to explore these services by the numbers one by one. If you’re going to head to the right now, where will you go? You’ve got more than just the small handful we’ve got listed here, but let’s get started with Google Drive, DropBox , Box , SugarSync , and SkyDrive just for starters.

These services are all certainly comparable to one another, but only one can be the victor for your important documents, files, and downloads – right? Wrong! You can feel free to use all of these services if you wish, as none of them is able to detect that you’re using the other at the same time. No highschool jealousy amongst apps here, friends. What you’ve got here instead, if you wish, is a collection of folders on the web, each of them accessible by you through a variety of web-connected doors – desktop, apps, and otherwise.

So what you’ve got here is this: free storage for each with the ability to boost up the amount of storage you’ve got for a cost.

Google Drive 5GB free Low end: 25GB $2.49/mo High end: 16TB $799.99/mo

SkyDrive 7GB free 20GB 10/yr 100GB $50/yr

DropBox 2GB free 50GB $9.99/mo 100GB $19.99/mo

Box 5BG free 25GB $9.99/mo 50GB $19.99/mo

SugarSync 5GB free 30GB $4.99/mo 100GB $14.99/mo

Beyond that, it’s all about the connections. You’ve got public file sharing for all of these apps, private file sharing as well. Collaborative document editing works on any of these environments save for SkyDrive, while Box only allows it for business or enterprise users. SkyDrive has 8 apps for 3rd party integration only while the rest have that feature for lots of different 3rd party apps, and there’s an Android, Phone, and app for each of these as well save for Google Drive’s app – coming soon, and SugarSync’s Windows Phone app – also coming soon. Also there’s no plan for a Windows Phone app for Google Drive at all.


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