Ever since bought , the popular video-conferencing service, everybody’s been wondering what will do with it, and whether Skype will survive or become yet another tech company destroyed by screwing up. Well, it may still be killed by screwing up, but it’s not going to be from neglect: is quietly working on ways to incorporate Skype into your .

If you think about it, it’s a perfect fit. Most 360s sold, especially recently, were bought because somebody in the house wanted to play with the Kinect. You know, the video camera/motion sensor/microphone set up that allows you to basically look like a total doofus while gaming? And all Skype needs is…a microphone and a video camera.

In other words, it’s a fairly natural fit, and will probably bring video telephony to the masses. Of course, realistically speaking, we all know what people are going to do with a video camera that can capture their body moving in high resolution with the ability to call other people. Get to work developing dong-censoring software, Microsoft. You’re gonna need it. Skype recruiting for “next generation services”

96e729188077x214.jpg Skype is coming to your Xbox 360

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Skype is coming to your Xbox 360