British Gas is committed to install Smart Meters in all UK homes by 2019 (around 160,000 homes in the UK have already had this installed).

You are probably wondering what a British Gas Smart Meter is and how does it affect you? To be honest, before I was exposed to this campaign, I haven’t heard about a Smart Meter before either.
 British Gas Smart Meters
So, what is a Smart Meter? Well, it look pretty similar and will still be in a tucked away place, but now it will effectively reads itself! This new meter will communicate to an in-home display unit (aka ‘Smart Energy Monitor’), giving you an instant view of your energy consumption – both for gas and electricity. Another great thing is that British Gas, as part of the government’s plan to get all homes on smart meters, are installing their system for free.
The monitor will display, in near-real time, information about your energy usage (kWh), CO2 emissions as well as how much you’ve spent. It will also keep historical usage data so you can check how you’re consumption is changing over time. The meter will automatically transmit meter readings back to British Gas once a day, which (thankfully!) means the end of those fiddly meter readings and also, perhaps more importantly, the end of estimated bills.
Another interesting benefit of getting homes on to smart meters, is that it enables energy suppliers to monitor the amount of electricity being distributed and can therefore proactively manage their supply grids. This should enable them to automatically re-route power, monitor network assets and generally become more efficient.
Being able to monitor your gas and electricity usage on a day to day basis is really cool.
Feel free to check out British Gas Social Media for more details: or @BritishGas on Twitter.
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