The last preview version of 8 is here, so if you want to get a peek and what the final version will feel like, you can download the Release Preview now and give it a test drive.

Unlike the Release Candidates of past Windows versions, this won’t be exactly the same as the final version. We already know that is ditching Aero for a new Metro-styled interface , and they’ve already said it won’t appear in the Release Preview (and other things may be hidden for now as well).

However, if you’ve been digging and want something a bit more stable than the Consumer Preview, this is where the party is. To install it, just download the EXE at the link below to create a bootable flash drive or CD. You can also just grab an ISO image here .

While you can upgrade your system to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, only upgrading from Windows 7 will be treated as a full upgrade. If you don’t want to overwrite your Windows 7 installation, you can always dual-boot them side by side or install it in a virtual machine instead.


718f84035amedium.jpg Download the Windows 8 Release Preview Now

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Download the Windows 8 Release Preview Now [Windows 8]