may boast more phones in hands than , but the Cupertino firm is still winning the application race.

New stats courtesy of Flurry Analytics reveal that are still favouring Apple’s platform over ’s Android offering, as a starting bed for new .

In fact in the first quarter of 2012, 69% of app projects were started on iOS, while Android saw 31% of apps start life on its platform.

Google gets caught out

IntoMobile raised this point yesterday , after highlighting what Eric Schmidt said back in December, as the Google chariman predicted that in six months time Android would be the number one choice for devs – citing the reason for the shift would be down to volume.

Six months is up and we’re yet to see a mass exodus of developers from iOS to Android – although there is slow growth in Android’s favour which saw its share grow by 4% from the previous quarter.

The report used information from over 70,000 companies, 185,000 apps and 100 million unique devices – so it’s pretty darn accurate in our eyes.

One of the main reasons we havn’t seen the shift Schmidt predicted is the huge number of different Android devices available today, with different screen sizes and power capabilities.

This makes it difficult for developers to ensure their application works on every one, where as Apple’s static range of devices is far more manageable.

26d883ee35470 75.jpg 450x252 Developers still favouring iOS over Android in app battle

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Developers still favouring iOS over Android in app battle