What might not seem like not such a big deal will surely lead hardcore gamers to scream bloody murder against users, and how the sky is falling. Again. Turns out that Infinity Blade , the very pretty looking, but not quite interactive offering for the and is Epic’s most profitable title ever. Yes, even more so than their marque 360 franchise Gears of War , according to Touch Arcade .

To put that factoid in perspective, something that’s $6, on a platform that’s mostly dominated by $1-2 games (or even less, as in free), has a better return than a titles that’s usually $60 on average, and which has arguable been a key reason for the 360 winning the console war. Mind you, we’re not talking about total profits generated, but man years invested, but that’s still pretty crazy.

And surely another nail in the cross for hardcore gamers, who have long lamented how many major studios are tossing aside game development for high end PCs and game consoles, in favor of iPhones and Android handsets. Since, sadly, that’s exactly what’s happening these days.

No doubt, many major studios who were on the fence about taking the total plunge into iOS development will no doubt be motivated by Epic’s tale. I don’t want to say that this one little revelation might have such far-reaching impact, but… actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying.


910b77cce3ib.jpg 450x295 Epic’s iOS side project more profitable than Xbox headliner

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Epic’s iOS side project more profitable than Xbox headliner