With few months remaining to launch the final version of , developers had started to create tools and other programs for the new operating system from . , like all OS of it needs to be cleaned and optimized on regular basis for better performance. Today we have got a system utility for , Yamicsoft manager that functions well on optimizing and cleaning to get peak performance.

At the present now, this toom might seem with less functions, but for a beta release of Windows 8, this Windows 8 manager does the job pretty well. Once the final version gets released, we may look forward with more options to clean up and get high performance from Windows 8 OS.

Yamicsoft Windows 8 manager is a windows 8 system utility that lets users to optimize, tweak their Windows 8 OS to get better performance. It cleans up your Windows 8 and increases system speed, removes errors and overall improves better system .

As you can see from the below screenshot of Windows 8 manager, it has several tabs and different options to clean up your Windows 8. Using various options, you can perform individual tasks on Windows 8. It has total of 30 different tools in one and helps your system to become more stable, secure.

Windows 8 Repair tool

This Windows 8 manager efficiently configure, optimize and repair clean your Windows 8 operating system. It displays detailed information about all your computer and running processes, to help you configure and optimize for better performance on Windows 8. It offers auto clean in just one click and as I said above, it displays all the information of Windows 8 such as product keys, office keys, processes and sub process running etc.

You can play with the hardware and software of Windows 8 to execute speed, optimize task schedule to exclude unwanted system tasks etc. Apart from that, clean duplicate files, remove unwanted hidden hard disk space, registry cleaner, fix corrupted entires, customize Windows 8 start up, Quick launch jump list, customize desktop, menus, and external view of your system.

On the Windows 8 security, you can display lot of hidden options and features of the system. It has privacy protector that will do the ultimate job. You can also clean up internet junk files, increase internet speed, configure and run Internet explorer to its maximum.


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Optimize and Clean Windows 8 with New Windows 8 Manager