It’s one thing how Ubisoft’s anti-piracy measures doesn’t work at all, and actually encourages it, but it’s another thing when it leaves one’s system wide open for . Much has been said about Ubi’s asinine digital rights management system, which has absolutely zero fans.

Seriously, who the hell in France thought it would be cool to force a constant online connection, even for single-player, offline games? There have been way too many instances of those who purchase Ubisoft games legally, only to find themselves unable to play them because of the publisher’s stupid mechanism. Who then in turn are forced to download cracked copies.

But all that pales to the latest news: it was recently disclosed that major titles have a backdoor, in the form of browser plug-ins that are installed without the user’s knowledge, and which can be exploited by hackers. Great job Ubi! Rock, Paper, Shotgun has both published a list of the games that are affected, along with instructions on how to disable the plug in. If you own any Ubisoft games on your PC, it is highly advised that you follow the provided instructions. In the past 24 hours, they released a patch that fixes the . $20 says that Ubi were well aware of the and only went ahead with the fix after people caught on.


fe2ac0fa21bisoft.jpg 450x284 Ubisoft has managed to make DRM even worse

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Ubisoft has managed to make DRM even worse