Blizzard’s proprietary gaming service, aka, was recently hacked. Thus, millions of Diablo and World of Warcraft players had their sensitive info jacked. Needless to say, many are not pleased by this, like a fat guy named Francis.

Is the rotund gentleman familiar? Should be; it’s the alter ego of YouTube superstar boogie2988, whom we’ve featured a few times already . And even though his rage is all for show, he brings up some very valid points.

First, it is indeed insanely stupid how Blizzard waited days till after the incident occurred to tell everyone, and instead of sending out emails to those effected, they left a dumb little notice on their homepage.

Actually, it would appear that their press release was the primary mode of information dispersal. And it’s standard procedure to have news outlets and blogs help spread the word, but only relying upon them is rather crass and lazy.

And nice to know that the authenticator, which is a USB dongle that’s supposed to be the ultimate solution in account protection, is indeed the worthless piece of plastic that everyone said it would be. Also, it’s true: no wants to be a panda in real life.

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That’s one way to react to your Blizzard account being hacked