But for the rest of us, there’s at least this YouTube clip. .. Nvidia, whose graphics cards drive the visuals for pretty much every single PC game these days, has released a tech demo that flexes the muscles of their latest and greatest. Plus it shows how far graphics has progressed in general. You can nab it here .

Though whether you system can run it as silky smooth, or as detailed, let alone at all, is the real question. Thankfully they produced a video to show what most of us (especially those of us on Macs) are missing out on.

By the way, it’s actually a sequel of sorts, to an earlier demo, one that’s ten years old. It’s amazing how far we’ve come over the past decade… or is it all that different, really? You be the judge.

Follow this link:
If your PC can bring this fairy to life, then it’s up to snuff