When dropped Maps for turn-by-turn driving directions, we thought walking and public transit directions were gone too.

Thankfully, a reader dropped us a line to let us know that walking directions are still available, and there's a placeholder for transit directions, too. Here's how to get them.

They used Siri to call up walking directions to his destination, but you don't have to. Just tap the bent arrow “directions” button in maps, and you'll see your recent destinations.

From there, you can toggle between driving, walking, and transit. Walking directions work perfectly, and route you differently than driving directions. If you select public transit however, you'll get a “Routing Apps” window that says “From the App Store” with no matches in it—which leads us to believe that there'll be plugins for public transit directions available soon.

Either way, it's still easy to get walking directions (and hopefully public transit directions, soon) in iOS 6, it's just a little hidden.

91e731ce48medium.jpg Uncover iOS 6s Hidden Walking Directions

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