As a rule, any grown adult who dresses like a cat outside of Halloween is broadcasting a very clear signal to stay as far the hell away from them as humanly possible. Seriously, they choose to emulate an animal known for its aloofness and bitchiness: That’s bad news.

And now the people who made those terrible robot ears we told you about have followed it up with a freaking tail. Called the Shippo, which is supposedly Japanese for “tail,” you have to put on an EEG headset and a heart monitor. The idea is that as this thing reads your emotional state with this input, it reacts accordingly. Namely by wagging. Seriously, there’s a video demonstrating it and everything:


If it weren’t enough to be creepy in person, it’s also creepy on the Internet. This robot tail comes with geotagging abilities, meaning you can mark places that make you particularly happy and share them with total strangers. There’s no word yet on cost or availability for this robot creepiness, but if it’s in line with those ears, telling everyone you’re insane will only run you $100.

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Mind-controlled robot tail now available for creepy people