Simple and useful software that I was looking for a long time, Stumbled upon recently in a forum. This small free utility deletes all the empty folders on your hard drive.

Sometimes, when you install applications or when copying files, it automatically creates empty folders. If its one or two, you can manually remove empty folders. What if the application has created hundreds of them ? It get’s really exhausting.

This small freeware finds and deletes all the empty folders in your hard drive. When you had indicated the location in your hard drive say a folder or total drive to detect empty folders, it will remove all empty folders that exists. Its a very small program, you dont have to install it.

Just run the program once you’ve downloaded it. Browse the location and set the path that you want to scan for empty folders. Start the operation. It finds all the empty folders in the location and deletes them instantly. At the end of the process, it will display the number of folders scanned and number of empty folders deleted. It may surprise you!

9056bffd74emover.jpg 450x171 Delete Empty Folders and Sub Folders

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