This is awesome. A simple Bluetooth enabled sticker to help you track your misplaced items or pets. Let’s imagine a situation that you misplaced your house key or remote control. Spending a lot of time searching for the items on day to day basis? Now with the help of this Bluetooth sticker, you can track it easily via your smartphones.

Stick N Find is a small quarter sized sticker that has Bluetooth technology built in. You just put the sticker on your keys or your or whatever electronic goods that you misplace on daily basis. Now you can open your smartphone (android, , ) and you will be displayed with radar-esque showing where your items are moving.

These stickers come with replaceable batteries that have year’s life estimate with 30 minutes of daily average usage. Actually these kinds of Bluetooth stickers are more useful when you hovering around the conveyor belt looking out for your luggage. You can use this ultra-small sticker with Bluetooth to stick on any device, person or animal. 2 stickers cost around 35$. You can find the range of sticker only with your smartphones.

The stick n find app can send you alert when an item comes into range. Watch the video Stick N Find – Bluetooth powered location stickers. The only disadvantage of these Bluetooth stickers is they are not water friendly. So when an item is dropped into water, you cannot track it. Also one of the most items that you misplace on daily basis is your cell phone.

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Stick N Find : Bluetooth Stickers to Track your Pets