gave 7 users a way to run older applications via XP Mode. With 8, however, that mode is no longer officially supported, and if you want to run XP in a virtual machine, you need the license for it.

Reader Miloš, however, has found a workaround. He discovered that within the free WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe file, there’s a VirtualXPVHD file containing the virtual machine, which you can open in VirtualBox. Here are the steps to get this working:

  1. Download WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe from Microsoft . You’ll need to run the validation tool to prove your copy of Windows is valid.
  2. Then use 7-Zip or another archive tool to open the EXE file as an archive.
  3. Within that archive, find the “sources/xpm” file within it, and extract that folder to your hard drive.
  4. Finally, in the extracted xpm file, you’ll find a file called VirtualXPVHD. Rename it with a VHD extension.
  5. In VirtualBox, open the VirtualXPVHD virtual machine, and voila! You’ve got Windows XP Mode (running Windows XP Professional) in , no need for the XP license.

This might also be possible with Windows 8′s built-in virtual machine manager, Hyper-V, but that’s only available in Windows 8 Pro.

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How to Run Windows XP for Free in Windows 8