We hear a lot these days about our world becoming increasingly digitized. Indeed, with more advanced computers than ever before, the spread of smart phones, and other technological improvements, the trend is tough to ignore. But, for some people there is a negative side to these advancements. Despite the undeniable convenience of new technologies, some of them are leaving our favourite products and entertainment in the dust. For example, what can you do with your old records or photos, now that the means for listening to music and viewing photographs are entirely ?

3849 USB Turntables & Photo Film Scanners

This is a that many people face, and it’s easy to understand why. Your record collection may contain some of your favourite music, but unless you can convert it to digital form, your options for listening to that music are very limited (unless, of course, you purchase new digital copies). Fortunately, a few products at http://www.mysmartbuy.com can solve these issues for consumers.


USB Turntables exist specifically to perform the function of transferring the music on your records to digital form. However, there is a bit more to them for that. To begin with, most USB Turntables are designed with a somewhat stylish, vintage appearance that allows them to function wonderfully as record players themselves. Additionally, however, these devices have the capability to copy the music from your records onto your computer as digital mp3 files, which can then be put on any electronic mp3 player, or a cd, and can also be listened to on your computer. If you have a large record collection, or some of your favourite music remains in form, a device like this can give you a lot more options for listening to your music.

Film/Slide Scanners

Much like vinyl records, old photos can be worth a great deal in sentimental value, yet relatively useless when it comes to functionality or use. Film and slide scanners can help to solve this problem by converting negatives, or 35 mm slides, into digital form. Whether you want to put these old photos into digital form directly on a computer or device, or store them on an SD card to upload later, there are various options. Just be sure that the scanner you purchase is compatible with the types of negatives or slides that you are looking to preserve and upgrade.

Ultimately, while technological advances are exciting, it’s also important to look back now and then to preserve the things we cherish. Upgrading old records and photos to digital form is one of the most effective ways to do this, and thanks to the products discussed above, doing so has never been easier. Throw in the fact that these products are very affordable, and they become virtual necessities for people with collections of old, cherished photos and records.