It’s the modern bar-goers worst nightmare. No, it’s not that the pub is out of your favorite ale, nor is it that you’re 0-for-6 with lame pickup lines. You’ve been texting, tweeting and checking in all night, and you’re paying for it with that red sliver in the corner of the screen.

So what do you do? Give up your primo spot at the bar and find an outlet somewhere in the corner? Not a chance — it’s time to pull out your coaster-sized Epiphany One Puck, set a cold brew upon it, and connect your phone for some juice. Who knows, the Puck might also help you break the ice.

The idea to use heat disparities for power is over two centuries old, and we’ve seen larger concepts make use of thermo-electrics. The One Puck brings mobility into play, providing up to one amp of current to any device that charges through a USB cable, including Android devices and iPhones.

Just place a hot object (a mug of cocoa) on the red side or a cold object (iced coffee) on the blue, then plug in your phone. The team at Epiphany Labs has loftier goals than simply charging cell phones, but all good ideas have to begin somewhere.

dcd8e950fd181681.jpg 450x340 Epiphany One Puck uses heat transfer to charge your phone

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Insert Coin: Epiphany One Puck uses heat transfer to charge your phone