As far as board games go, it’s hard to get more classic than Monopoly. I’m sure most of us have spent many hours playing the board over the years. The has changed slightly and some iterations have gone from paper money to credit cards and such, but at its core it’s the same of dominating your friends in the real estate market. Hasbro recently let fans of the vote on which of the iconic, silver pieces to toss from the .

I don’t know about you, but growing up starting game of Monopoly always involved the initial brawl to determine which game piece you used. Everyone wanted to be the car while no one wanted the lame shoe or iron. Not long ago Hasbro allowed users to vote on which of these game pieces to remove from the set and what to replace it with. That boring and maligned iron was the piece that voters tossed from the game. The piece that replaced it was a kitty. The fact that voters chose a to replace the outgoing iron with the cat is no surprise giving the popularity of cat memes and videos on the Internet. While the cat was eventually chosen with 31% of the total vote, it wasn’t the only option.

Other options voters could Butchoose included a robot, helicopter, diamond ring, and a guitar. In the voting to see which game pieces continued with the set, the Scotty dog received 29% of the. The voting was also close to decide which piece would be ousted from the game with the iron only receiving 8% of the vote to save the piece and the shoe and wheelbarrow pieces not far behind the iron. Monopoly will now include a racecar, thimble, top hat, battleship, and the cat. Versions of the game with the new token will be available later this year.

2e2f8d3eec80x435.jpg 450x337 Voters pull the Monopoly iron out of the fire

Voters pull the Monopoly iron out of the fire