This week the 720 specifications are flying like leaves off a tree, and today’s bit of information comes from none other that former Microsoft executive Joachim Kempin. This man was the Vice President of Sales at Microsoft for a whopping 20 years and has, since his retirement, released a book that’s lambasted Steve Balmer and made it clear with IGN Microsoft originally created the “to stop Sony.” Now he’s ready to speak about the possibilities in the 720, and it’s starting to look a whole lot more like Windows 8.

With Kempin it would seem that “there’s no doubt about” the nature of the specifically in how “more Windows 8-like.” He went on to note that “maybe it even gets a touchscreen” and that he wouldn’t be surprised if the next-generation console is a lot more Windows 8-like than it is today. He also went on to remind the public that “on the [console] itself there is no profit,” going on to note that it’s from sources like royalties from game developers and profits from each release of a new Halo game.

Much like suggestions made earlier this week, Kempin also suggests that for the Xbox 720 to succeed, it will need to be more than just a specifications bump of a beast. Noting that Microsoft “need[s] to find out hot to get this whole PC environment into the 21st century”, Kempin went on to make the key clear: “You have to make these devices work together.” Sound like a bit of the ol’ Xbox SmartGlass to you, folks? .

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Xbox 720 specs “suggested” by former Microsoft exec