This week the 720 specifications are flying like leaves off a tree, and today’s bit of information comes from none other that former executive Joachim Kempin. This man was the Vice President of Sales at for a whopping 20 years and has, since his retirement, released a book that’s lambasted Steve Balmer and made it clear with IGN originally created the Xbox “to stop Sony.” Now he’s ready to speak about the possibilities in the , and it’s starting to look a whole lot more like Windows 8.

With Kempin it would seem that “there’s no doubt about” the nature of the Xbox 720 specifically in how “more Windows 8-like.” He went on to note that “maybe it even gets a touchscreen” and that he wouldn’t be surprised if the next-generation console is a lot more Windows 8-like than it is today. He also went on to remind the public that “on the [console] itself there is no profit,” going on to note that it’s from sources like royalties from game developers and profits from each release of a new Halo game.

Much like suggestions made earlier this week, Kempin also suggests that for the Xbox 720 to succeed, it will need to be more than just a specifications bump of a beast. Noting that Microsoft “need[s] to find out hot to get this whole PC environment into the 21st century”, Kempin went on to make the key clear: “You have to make these devices work together.” Sound like a bit of the ol’ Xbox SmartGlass to you, folks? .

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Xbox 720 specs “suggested” by former Microsoft exec