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So you haven’t quite jumped onto the whole tablet band wagon? Well maybe it’s time to make the leap! These tablet PCs offer portability on a whole new level! Not only can you browse the internet, access your e-mail, watch your favourite movies and videos, play games, read the latest e-books, chat to your friends on Facebook, with like the Xperia™ Tablet. Ready to make the leap now?

What can you do with a tablet?

Out of the box, most tablets come pre-loaded with software applications, or “apps,” to let you do many or all of the following:
  • Check Email: Access all of your email accounts
  • Browse the Internet: Mobile web browsers are a key feature of tablets
  • View Photos and Video: Even if the tablet doesn’t have a built-in camera for taking pictures, most will let you view, edit and share your digital photos and home video
  • Enjoy Music, Movies and TV: Tablets are designed for enjoying all kinds of media; most let you download (rent or purchase) content from an online store. Some can even replace your remote controls such as the Xperia™ Tablet
  • View and Edit Documents: Many tablets let you compose and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations that work seamlessly with traditional desktop software (e.g., MS Office)
  • Access Social Networking: Tablets connect you to your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, et al. There are also plenty of third-party social networking “apps” available for most tablets.
  • Read eBooks: Tablets make great eBook readers, and many have the ability to connect to your favorite eBook stores
  • Play Games: Tablets are great for gaming, and there is no shortage of games designed specifically for tablets
  • Purchase and/or Download Apps: Virtually every tablet on the market connects to an app store for downloading free or paid apps. The availability of apps for a particular device varies widely.

The question really should be “What CANT you do with a tablet?”

 What can you do with a tablet?
Xperia™ Tablet

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