2729b4fa1f470 75.jpg 450x252 Hackers target high profile Microsoft employees Xbox accounts

has revealed that the Live accounts of several of its high-profile employees are currently the subject of a hacking attack.

Hackers have been using third-party agencies to collect US social numbers, which they have then used to gain access to the Xbox Live accounts of several current and former employees.

Microsoft told us in a statement “that a group of attackers are using several stringed social engineering techniques to compromise the accounts of a handful of high-profile Xbox Live accounts held by current and former Microsoft employees”.

Hacked off

Microsoft is clearly working to fix the , though this isn’t the first time that Redmond has faced hack attacks with Live account information having been stolen in the past.

It also added: “We are actively working with law enforcement and other affected companies to disable this current method of attack and prevent its further use.”

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Hackers target high-profile Microsoft employees’ Xbox accounts