There’s no shortage of browser-based available to casual gamers, but none are as quite unique as a new project called “World Wide Maze.” The game uses actual websites to build 3D mazes in which players can then guide around a small steel ball, similar to the likes of Marble Madness or Super Monkey Ball.

cd10ee080480x318.jpg 450x246 World Wide Maze turns any website into a 3D maze in Google Chrome

The game builds the 3D mazes dynamically using the HTML elements of the website, and players use their Android smartphones as a controller for the game, which is played on their computer in the web browser. You simply sync the two devices through using a unique code, then you can fire up the game and go at it.

Players either tilt their mobile devices or use the on-screen controls to guide the steel ball around, and just the Wii U’s gamepad, your Android smartphone’s display can mirror what’s on the computer screen.

You’ll need a fairly decent computer to run the game, even if it is purely browser-based. World Wide Maze works uses the WebGL standard, and it requires at least 1GB of RAM and a 256MB graphics card for hardware acceleration. However, most computers nowadays will be able to handle it. While this may not be a game that you’ll spend hours playing, it’s certainly a cool thing to try out, and it could very well be the future of a new type of .

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World Wide Maze turns any website into a 3D maze in Google Chrome