Do you want to know how many flights fly around the world right now? Not all the flights can be parked at a time and it’s mandatory that a certain amount of planes continue to fly. If you look into the live radar air traffic, it’s jaw-dropping. You can watch flights live and track them.

Plane Finder is a real time flight tracking flight view online that allows you to check the mass of aircraft that revolve around our planet.

If you zoom a little and see the air cloud over Europe and USA, they look like ants. I don’t know why there is no flight above Africa. I zoomed into US location and found that when you click on the particular flight icon, it displays the flight no, airlines name, registration, altitude, speed, route etc.

If you want to find a specific aircraft from the huge masses, you can use the search feature. It allows you to filter and find a specific flight.

If you’re eager to learn how the PlaneFinder app works, you can learn it here . It works by picking a ADS-B plane feeds used by commercial and private planes to transmit their name, position, call sign, status and lots more. PlaneFinder helps you to know about the live moving planes, aircraft information with photos, arrival and destination locations, you can use search to filter your needs etc.

The app shows the planes in orange and red color. The orange planes show a near real time display of every commercial scheduled flight in North America.

I guess it uses the same API of plane finder. It has mobile apps for android, iOS devices. You can see aircraft moving in real time. It has augmented reality view. You can identify the planes flying overhead by simply pointing your phone’s camera to the sky. If you come across similar online sites to view live air traffic, do share it with us.

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2 Websites to Watch Live Air Traffic Radar