It’s an argument we all hear constantly. This operating system is better! No, this one! No, this one! It doesn’t matter what it is: it could be phones, it could be computers, but people get incredibly angry that you’re not using their OS, which is the one true OS.

So, should you change your operating system?

No. No you shouldn’t. And I say this regardless of the platform and system.

Why? Because most “reasons” to switch just don’t affect you.

For example: being a gadget nerd, I run Mac, AND Linux, but for most people, they’re effectively the same damn thing. I run these OSes on different computers for different reasons, but I’m using them for very specific purposes. For most people, it’s effectively the same thing: you can go on the Internet, write stuff, edit photos, send email.

The same is true of phones. People will argue at length about whether iOS or Android is better, but for all intents and purposes, they’re effectively the same thing and do the same job. Most of us need a smartphone to access the Internet, give us some maps, play a few games when you’re bored, and call people. And any OS currently on the market is perfectly capable of handling that. Sure, it may not have this app or that app, but do you really care?

The one exception I’d make for switching is if either you have a defective OS, or if your original OS is irretrievably broken. For example, I had a Windows laptop that got trashed by a virus, and I had a choice to make: spend eighty bucks replacing Windows, or wipe the system and install Ubuntu. Then, it made sense: I could save eighty bucks.

But otherwise? Don’t do it.

3f72872c1085x214.jpg Should you change your operating system?

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Should you change your operating system?