65c3cde8c5os 600.jpg Xbox One runs three operating systems, including cut down Windows for apps

The latest update out of the currently unfolding announcement in Redmond: the next-generation will run three operating systems simultaneously. Complementing 8 and RT on PCs and tablets, there'll be a third distinct version of 's operating system that has been pared down specifically for the new console. This will be the main system OS used to run apps such as Skype and other non-game titles downloaded from the Xbox storefront. At the same time, virtualization technology similar to 's Hyper-V will be used to allocate the bulk of system resources to a second, dedicated “Xbox OS” when the user loads up a game. This game OS will remain a fixed entity throughout the life of the console, so that game developers can be confident their games will run regardless of how much the Windows side of the machine gets updated. Finally, the third OS sounds like a small layer to assist with the virtualization, allowing the two main personalities of the console to talk to each other.

Xbox One runs three operating systems, including cut-down Windows for apps