It’s competition time! ‘Can you Find it?’

Are you a maths expert, or computing fanatic? Do you love solving or finding patterns? This competition is for you. The treasure-hunt also gives you access to a prize draw to win a Nexus 7 or a Raspberry Pi.

The competition will take you on a cyber treasure hunt with a series of clues and tasks around the world-wide web which will ultimately unlock the final answer. The complex codes have been created by a GCHQ team of top mathematicians aiming at recruiting the smartest, not necessarily the most experienced candidates.

I really love this type of challenge, not the usual puzzles – far more interesting and keep your mind razor sharp. A similar campaign last year was cracked by just 170 people out of 3.2 million who visited the website.

Discover whether you have the right skills to be employed by a national intelligence and security agency that works in partnership with the Security Service (MI5) and Secret intelligence Service (MI6).

It is only 60 years ago that Alan Turing provided vital intelligence for the Allies: by deciphering the encrypted messages sent by the German Enigma machine in WWII, the computer-pioneer entered humankind’s history.

Technology hasn’t stopped evolving since then and the Government more than ever needs brilliant people to follow Turing’s footsteps in supporting the national cyber security agenda.

Prove your intellect and tenacious creativity and get a chance to support the Government’s national cyber security agenda.

To answer the question: ‘Can You Find It?’ go online to

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