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Big really is better. This infographic shows that life is better when things are BIG! In photography bigger sensors make better pictures. Does size matter to you?

Sony’s new range of NEX Compact system camera makes you encounter image capturing like you’ve never experienced before. The most recent photographic technology will make certain that your precious moments with your children or travel adventures are caught on camera. It’s an ideal camera for capturing those moments that happen and you didn’t want to carry a bulky DSLR. Size really does matter here.

The big sensor on the Sony NEX-5T means better pictures. Crystal clear images even in low light! There are many things that differentiate low-end from high-end, and one you should focus on is the sensor. A camera’s sensor is a highly sophisticated piece of component that captures light through small pixels and turns them into a digital signal. With a small sensor, the pixels can’t capture as much light.

You also wont need to carry around any extra weight in order to gain the benefits of a DSLR camera. The Sony range of NEX cameras are simply a stepping stone between your point and shoot compact and a DSLR which makes them ideal for everyday or someone with an active interest in photography.

A Sony Compact system camera will fit snugly into pockets or bags. Good things really do come in small packages. It’s the perfect partner for passionate photographers who demand DSLR quality images with ample control options and not so much to carry.

Its true size really does matter, take a look below at the infographic and see all the aspects of life where size is important!

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