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I don't know if you've heard about this, but apparently some Mysterious Circles have been appearing all around the world. And I heard that there are these Mysterious Guys in black robes at matches?

The 11 men dressed in black robes with hoods with identical symbols emblazoned on the front of the robes. Who are they? Are they dangerous? What does the symbol on their ropes mean?

The men at times hold up tape with the same symbol as the ones on the robe and with the words “#WINNERTAKESEARTH.”

Franz Beckenbauer – the only man to have won the World Cup as both a player and a manager – reckons they are aliens! And they are challenging us to a game of football.

In recent video footage, a reporter asks Beckenbauer if he is serious. Aliens? A soccer game?

“I’m very serious,” said Beckenbauer.

“I will lead a team of Earth’s finest, and I am taking careful and calculated steps to determine and assemble this team,” he said.

Asked if he had chosen anyone for the team, he said he had no comment: ”I’m still considering all options.”

Who do you reckon are the best 11 players for the Earth team? Let us know what you think and who are your must-have players for the squad.

The winner takes the Earth! We'll need to pick the best team to survive. “We have no choice. We have to win.”

The first player will be announced on 11th November.


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