Virgin Media estimates that the UK’s internet peak over was a staggering 6.4 terabits per second, with peak time between 8 and 11PM on Day.

The estimates from Virgin Media (which were calculated before the day itself so could be utterly wrong), suggest that the late peak is due to million of us getting new devices and downloading those pesky updates and wonderful apps.

Plus, of course, there’s a spike of people using catchup and streaming services to make sure that the various cynical deaths, disasters and doom across TV can be experienced in all their glory.

Snowman buffering

Virgin’s own network apparently experienced peaks of around 1.6Tbps, up by 55% on last year and, apparently, equivalent to half a million of us streaming The Snowman HD at the same time.

The figures, although estimates, give a fascinating glimpse into the rise and rise of our connected lives.

The vast majority of people will use the internet at some point over the Christmas period, but what we are doing has evolved greatly, with simple for Boxing Day deals joined by streaming video and social media as our favourite activities.

And to think we used to talk to the in-laws…

UK’s Christmas internet traffic peaks at 6.4Tbps | News | TechRadar