80c0XboxOneSpark size blog post Make your very own games on Xbox One!

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own games, One owners, you’re in luck. and Team Dakota are launching a beta version of Project Spark on the One, letting you make your very own game that can run on PCs, Xboxes and tablets too – and best of all, it’s currently free!

Originally launched on 8.1 in test form back in December, the game making project is now launching on Xbox One and lets you dive into your imagination to create games and worlds that you can enjoy on any of Microsoft’s platforms. You can even start building your perfect characters and missions on your Xbox and then pick it up again later on your desktop for even more fine-tuning, and best of all with SmartGlass, you can interact with your games on a tablet while you build it up on your Xbox One.

What’s new with the Xbox One version is that you can now capture animations, audio and other custom moves using your Kinect sensor, and using the cloud, you can also share those captures and your creations with other Project Spark users and have them edit your creations too. The engine itself is extremely versatile, allowing you to make all sorts of different games and genres such as 2D platformers, third-person action games and even racing and pinball games – meaning if your favourite game isn’t on Xbox One yet, there could be a clone popping up in Project Spark. A next-gen Flappy Bird imitator, anyone?

All you need to do to get started is sign up for the Project Spark beta to access the Xbox One version and wait for confirmation, and if you’ve already been creating your dream games on your Windows 8.1 machine, you’ll already be able to access the Xbox One beta. There’s no word on an official launch date for the game making project just yet, but it’s tipped to be launching later this year.


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