287abatgirlwhistle Whistle is like Fitbit for your dog

Whistle is a Fitbit for your dog, and more. This unobtrusive, durable and waterproof device attaches to Spot’s collar and records data on his activities, day or night. Gather precious information for your vet, track progress towards fitness goals, view peaks and valleys in activity and even share photos with family and friends, all with the Whistle wearable monitor and companion app.

How it works

The Whistle device itself is about the size of a US half dollar. It fits into a small holder very securely, which in turn can be attached to a dog’s collar via the supplied, adjustable strap. The unit charges over USB in about an hour (USB cable also provided), and a full charge will get you about a week’s use.

Whistle for iPhone

It uses a three-axis accelerometer to determine if your dog is idle, walking around, playing briskly or running. The Whistle weighs just 16 grams and feels solid and well-made. While I wasn’t able to test its claim of being waterproof with a dip in the lake, it did trudge through the snow without a . Finally, LED indicators make you aware of various states, like charging (red), connecting to Bluetooth (blue, of course) and ready to go (green).

It’s also quite nice that a charging base, USB cable and collar attachment piece are all well-made. Nothing feels cheap here. Even the packaging is attractive.

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